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 Otters are clever, cute, and playful. My family and I love to watch for them when we head to coastal Alaska. They usually show up floating with other otter friends, munching on seaweed, and other appetizers from the sea. These social creatures pop up out of the water, ready to take a nap and enjoy the sun. 

The unique airy quality of the drawing was created by digitally drawing layers of swirls and squiggles. The layers of light and dark lines build to create form and texture. The acrylic keychain is about 1x 2 inches in and 1/4 inch in depth. It's lightweight and has vivid colors of blue, turquoise, teal, and navy.  Add this to a backpack, zipper, or keys. Send one to your best friend or save it for yourself as a reminder of your summertime coastal adventures.

Wholesale Sea Otter Friends Acrylic Keychain

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