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Caribou are in the deer family and also referred to as reindeer. They are native to the Arctic and often travel in herds. Powerful and stately with large racks of antlers make it one of the top six animals to spot in Alaska. This drawing was created using layers of scribbles to create the texture, light, and shadows. I also used a warm color palette to create an Autumn landscape on the the Tundra.  


Each pieces is printed  in the USA on thick fine art paper with a subtle watercolor texture. Vibrant colors are achieved using a 7 dye based inkjet system and are certified archival quality. Each piece is packaged with a cardboard backing and cellophane plastic sleeve to ensure protection during shipment. They are packaged in house to ensure the quality of each print. 


This design is available in 5x7, 8x10 giclee prints,  4.5x5.5 greeting cards, vinyl round sticker, ornament and round magnets.


Wholesale Autumn Caribou

PriceFrom $2.00
  • Handle with care. Keep out of reach of children. This product is not waterproof. This product does not tolerate moisture, please store in a dry place. If the print is damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately so we can help resolve the problem.  

  • This product will be shipped in a plastic sleeve to protect it from elements during shipping. It will be shipped in a rigid mailer. Please contact us immediately if the product is damaged during shipping. 

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