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Every year salmon make their way from the ocean to the rivers and lakes to spawn. It's an exciting and important time for wildlife and fisherman alike. Not only do the salmon provide needed nutrients to the wildlife, but also to the lakes and rivers ecosystems. Fisherman love the sport of fishing but also use it as an opportunity to provide food yearround for their families. The runs also support the economy through the large fishing, canning, tourism industry in Alaska. This drawing shows the five different species in Alaska and is created by layering swirls and squiggles of color. Each species has unique coloring and features. The names of each salmon species is printed in flowing text making this art print fish chart design perfect for any room in the home.


Looking for the perfect Father's Day Gift for your catch of a Dad? Add a magnetic poster frame to this fish chart print for a ready to hang gift. Brighten up his office or room by reminding him of his fun Alaska fishing adventures. Find the poster frame under our Frame tab. Don't forget to add a few vinyl fish stickers and matching greeting card. We also have a fish chart available with Halibut, Rockfish and Lingcod for our deep sea fishing fans. 


Our art is printed in the USA on thick fine art paper with a subtle watercolor texture. Vibrant colors are achieved using a 7 dye based inkjet system and are certified archival quality. Each piece is packaged with a cardboard backing and cellophane plastic sleeve to ensure protection during shipment. They are packaged in house to ensure the quality of each print.


This design is available in 5x7, 8x12 giclee prints,  4.5x5.5 greeting cards, vinyl stickers of a few species. 


If you are looking for a different size or would like to inquire about printing on canvas, metal, or another material, please send us a message and we can get a quote for you. 



Salmon Chart Fish Art Print

PriceFrom $4.00
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