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A Dad kneels by his son wearing brown waders, boots, baseball hats and holding a fishing pole. This sticker represent summertime, fishing memories with kids and grandkids, and the special bond of Father and Son. Add it to your tackle box, fishing boat, or fishing gear and keep those fond memories close by. 


The sticker is lightweight and printed on thick durable vinyl that holds up against water and weather. The matte finish gives it a premium look and feel. Father and Son Fishing Sticker is about 4 inches by 3 inches considered a Large sticker. 


Does your Dad or Grandpa love fishing? Do they love talking about their fishing trips and big catch? Our fish inspired Father's Day card and fishing stickers would make the perfect lightweight, easy to ship, gift.  

Father and Son Fishing Sticker, Father's Day, Fishing Together, Boy Fishing

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