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Bald Eagles are big, powerful and beautiful birds and symbolizes strength and freedom. The sticker shows the Bald Eagle with wings expanded and soaring freely.  The white modern background helps the bold colors pop and details the drawing that was created by layering swirls and squiggles of color. It's a symbol of the USA and shows America national pride.


The sticker is printed on thick durable vinyl that holds up against water and weather. The matte finish gives it a premium look and feel. Soaring Bald Eagle Vinyl Sticker is about 3 inches by 1 inches. 


It's easy to mix up items when they look the same. Distinguish your waterbottle, ipad, laptop, car, lunchbox from everyone elses.  Add stickers and make your stuff genuinly yours. 

Durable and Waterproof American Bald Eagle Bird Vinyl Sticker for Waterbottle

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