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Moose are big beautiful animals that are actually part of the deer family. Although they don't look like any deer I've ever seen. Most moose are as big or bigger than horses weighing at most around 1,400 lbs. Male moose grow large anerlers with points each year. They start growing them in the Spring and shed them the beginning of each winter. Alaska State Moose drawing  was created using lots of layers of squiggles and swirls to create the texture. Surrounded by snow and spruce trees the moose is drawn inside the outline of Alaska.   

This piece can be acquired in 8x10 or 5x7 prints. Also available as an 3.7 inch ornament, 4 inch sticker, 3 inch magnet and 4.5x5.5 inch greeting card. Larger prints can be ordered. Please send a message for pricing. 


Each pieces is printed on thick fine art paper with a subtle watercolor texture. Vibrant colors are achieved using a 7 dye based inkjet system and are certified archival quality. Each piece is packaged with a cardboard backing and cellophane plastic sleeve to ensure protection. They are packaged in house to ensure the quality of each print. 


Look for more prints in the Alaska State Collection including Brown Bear, Harbor Seal, Otter, and Alaska Train. 

Alaska Moose Print

PriceFrom $4.00
  • Hang this print in a cool dry space and out of direct sunlight. Prints can be returned or exchanged within 15 days of purchase. If the print is damaged during shipping, please contact us immediately so we can help resolve the problem.  

  • This print will be packaged in a plastic sleeve and mailed in a 9x11 rigid mailer to protect it during shipping. Remove the plastic sleeve before framing. 

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